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  • Solar and wind power generation and storage

  • Water regeneration and storage

  • Geothermal heat pumps

  • Whole house air filtration with “air wall” technology

  • Local and sustainable building products

  • Totem power system (external Wi-Fi and charging)

  • Smart | connected kitchen and bathroom appliances

  • Fully stocked kitchen gadgets

  • Fully stocked kitchen items - plates, cups, glasses etc.

  • Naturally heated or cooled flooring systems

  • Automated waste and recycling disposal systems

  • Whole home vacuum system

  • Temp | humidity-controlled wine storage cellar

  • Connected laundry with room-by-room chute system

  • Warmth generating fireplace systems

  • Nano sensor controlled environmental external watering

  • Smart pool and hot tub with security sensors and alarms

  • Wading pool with monitor systems

  • Pool house for changing/showering

  • Smart building internal and external security

  • Porsche Macan SUV Electric vehicle available for personal use and transportation

  • Area guide with ‘guestbook” social media feature

  • Natural local plantings and controlled lawn / lawn alternatives

  • Child directed “play” features and areas

  • Outdoor grilling, fireplace and seating

  • Small studio for Massage room | area, yoga and workouts with equipment

  • Multi language voice-controlled systems

  • AI powered monitoring, reporting and analytics

  • Smart board interactive whiteboard

  • Large screen TVs with global satellite access 

  • Smart system data view by residence and residence collection

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