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In the next 5 years, energe2 is poised to invest in the development of 100 INOVATION homes across the globe. These residences will be strategically sited to maximize shareholder benefits and will set the standard of the Clean Energy Innovation Code’s foundational principles.

Each INOVATION home will be constructed within the organic principle of building in harmony with humanity and the environment with a focus on the intersection between outstanding design and efficiency to fully demonstrate how clean technology can work within a specific setting.

The CORE principles:

  1. Energy independence is attainable in most environments using wind, solar and electric storage for 100% of power requirements

  2. Water regeneration that collects, recycles and re-distributes water for drinking and potable use can reduce net water consumption to 0 or near zero

  3. Defensible, reusable and renewable building materials and products will limit the environmental impact of design and construction

  4. Geo-exchange systems for heating and cooling will reduce or eliminate the need for power-based HVAC

  5. Air filtration and wind curtains will provide a clean pollutant free environment that will improve health and safety

  6. Distributed solar power and Wi-Fi systems will provide external lighting, Wi-Fi and charging stations for outdoor Wi-Fi and vehicle charging

  7. Powered by GenAI - local and remote real-time monitoring for all sustainable systems: power, water quality, air quality, temp control and home health will provide data to assure the operational efficiency of each system and home

  8. Constructing clean technology homes is not just in the interest or purview of the very wealthy but will benefit the homeowner, society and the communities in which we live.

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Establishing energy self-sufficiency encompasses key elements such as the effective harnessing of solar and wind energy, the application of architectural principles for natural home temperature regulation, and the enhancement of electrical storage capabilities to surpass anticipated dips in generation. Artificial Intelligence models are pivotal in anticipating future consumption patterns to ensure preparedness.

Discreet roof tiles and solar windows will create energy for entire home use.

Power storage, southern exposure, liquid under-flooring and auto window tinting will contribute to energy efficiencies.

Multi-channel energy/power production (wind, solar and passive solar)  - storage systems and EVs as additional storage units will create an intra dependent/redundant energy system that will produce and store enough power to operate the home for sustained periods of time. 


The INOVATION HOME will feature a revolutionary technology: the Artesia Water Regeneration System.


This system enables households to segregate and recycle water for drinking, distinct from its use in landscaping and other environmental applications.


Incorporating advanced monitoring technology, the system proactively notifies homeowners when it’s time to update filtration systems, ensuring water quality remains optimal.


This innovative system not only significantly diminishes the environmental impact of homes but also grants homeowners a new level of autonomy over their water supply.

By integrating water collection, storage, and recycling, coupled with rigorous quality and purity checks, the system guarantees that the water is consistently safe, devoid of any impurities, chemicals, contaminants, or microplastics.


Geothermal – ground sourced heating and cooling systems will provide Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs), (also known as ground-source heat pumps), which will  heat, cool, and even supply hot water to a home by transferring heat to or from the ground.

Incorporating air 

filtration systems into energe2 homes is key to providing a smart and healthy living environment.  Air walls will keep clean air inside and dirty air outside.  Air filters and air quality will be constituently monitored to provide constant updates for occupants.

Local, sustainable and luxury products will be incorporated into every home using unique local artisans.

Green concrete or ash-crete along with natural stone and sustainable wood – bamboo or pine for exterior and interior use will enhance each home and provide sustainable construction options.

Totem Power has created a “dynamic smart platform” that combines solar energy and energy storage, Wi-Fi and electric vehicle charging, and smart lighting, all into one single product. 

Units will be installed for charging EVs and providing indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points.

New AI based monitoring technology will showcase the INOVATION HOME

  • The Water Regeneration system will allow homes to monitor quality to use and recycle water for drinking separately from other landscape and environmental purposes.   

  • Power generation and storage will allow monitoring of each home’s energy independence.

  • Clean air filtration and air-wall technology will provide a healthy living and a fully monitored environment.

Each of the systems - water, air quality, power generation, Geothermal HVAC and high-speed internet access will be continuously monitored for quality, filter or part replacement and will be available for all investors to view on any connected device from anywhere in the world.  Data from all homes will be used to improve and predict future needs for each individual location.

  1. Pure Water: Imagine a world where every drop of water we use is purified, recycled, and replenished. From rainwater harvesting to advanced filtration systems, our homes and communities thrive on clean, life-giving water.

  2. Sustainable Materials: Picture buildings constructed from renewable resources—timber, bamboo, or recycled materials. These structures blend seamlessly with nature, leaving a gentle ecological footprint.

  3. Clean Air: Breathe deeply. Our cities are adorned with green walls, rooftop gardens, and air-purifying plants. The air hums with vitality, and our lungs thank us for it.

  4. Regenerated Water: Wastewater isn’t wasted anymore. It’s a resource. Our showers, sinks, and toilets feed into closed-loop systems that regenerate water for irrigation, flushing, and even drinking.

  5. Energy Self-Sufficiency: Rooftop solar panels, wind turbines, and innovative energy storage solutions power our lives. We’re not just consumers; we’re producers, sharing surplus energy with our neighbors.

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