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energe2 presents a groundbreaking investment opportunity in the space of sustainable clean technology

Investors can become part of this innovative project by purchasing a fully vested shares in the e2 cooperative. This cooperative is built on a global portfolio of 100 state-of-the-art clean technology residences, strategically located in high-impact areas.

Investor Benefits

  • Residential Access: Investors receive a set number of days to stay in any of the 100 energe2 residences, combining luxury with sustainability.

  • Data Insights: Gain exclusive access to comprehensive data from advanced clean tech systems across all residences.

  • Asset-Backed Security: The cooperative is fully valued on an asset basis, providing long-term equity and reducing risk.

  • Market Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to buy and sell shares with the support of the co-op board.

  • Technological Showcase: Experience cutting-edge solutions like efficient power generation, water purification, geothermal heating and cooling, sustainable building materials, and air quality enhancement.


This initiative not only offers a lucrative financial opportunity but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 110058.jpg

Over the next five years, Energe2 plans to invest in the development of 100 innovative homes worldwide.


These residences will be strategically located to maximize shareholder benefits and will adhere to the foundational principles of the Clean Energy Innovation Code. Investors will receive full vested ownership in each property as it becomes operational, ensuring their investment remains liquid and marketable through a cooperative model.

The upcoming release of the initial shares in the co-op will fund the development of the first 15 to 20 homes, marking the start of this ambitious project. Each year, the value of each home will be verified by independent auditors and reported to investors on a consistent, prearranged schedule. The total valuation of all homes will be crucial in determining the value of each co-op share.

The expected valuation for the shares will be based on the build cost/value compared to the anticipated value of all properties upon completion. By the end of year five, all properties will be operational, and the cumulative value of the shares for all investors will be realized.

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